Media statement

23 January 2019

MLC Life Insurance response to ABC News story

To protect the privacy of the customer involved in this matter, MLC Life Insurance cannot respond to the specific details of the customer’s circumstances.  

We always strive to offer the best insurance terms to our customers that we can. When we receive an application for insurance we consider a range of factors including physical and mental health conditions, to determine the terms upon which we can offer insurance cover.  

Where a customer has experienced a physical or mental health condition, we make appropriate enquiries to ensure we understand the nature of their condition. Sometimes, depending upon the severity of the condition and the nature of the risk posed, we are unable to offer standard terms. 

Where a customer would like a review of their terms, because of a change in their condition, then we will always do this.   

MLC Life Insurance is committed to supporting customers with mental health conditions. Indeed, 16% of total benefits paid in 2017 by MLC Life Insurance were for mental health conditions. In 2018 we partnered with Best Doctors to launch Mental Health Navigator, a specialist, second medical opinion for customers experiencing a mental health condition.  

As part of our ongoing work to support customers with mental health conditions, MLC Life Insurance is running a pilot where we are proactively reviewing customers’ policies. If a customer has a loading or non-standard terms on their policy, our underwriters will be able to regularly review this to assess whether it is still appropriate.  

Finally, when collecting, managing and storing a customer’s personal records, MLC Life Insurance complies with its legal obligations.