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MLC Life Insurance has a long and proud history of putting members first. During the challenging period when a member needs to claim on their life insurance, a simple and empathetic claims experience is our promise.

In close collaboration with our fund partners, we continually enhance the claims experience to deliver better member outcomes through:

  • industry-leading member benefit payments for death claims,
  • best-in-class mental health support, and
  • effective return-to-health programmes.

A tailored claims experience

Our Total Permanent Disability Cover utilises MLC Life Insurance’s new Flow Claims Initiative to simplify and hasten the process for your members and your fund. This tailored approach means decisions are made on average within 11 working days for members with some of the most disabling conditions, allowing the focus to remain on affected members and their recovery instead of the paperwork.

A focus on mental health

MLC Life Insurance also helps members through the claims process by connecting them with Allied Health professionals specialising in mental health support. Adaptable to the complexity of each case, this suite of services supports our most vulnerable members in efficiently navigating the claims experience through a holistic approach based on an intimate understanding of each member’s unique circumstances.

A history of solid support

As one of Australia’s most established life insurers and backed by the size and strength of global leader Nippon Life, MLC Life Insurance is a strong and secure partner for your super fund. Our deep experience and reputation for genuine care will provide your members with best-in-class cover across a range of products and services.


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