‘Here for you’ is our promise – for life.


Did you know that MLC Life Insurance had zero death claim disputes in 2022? Or that our death claims acceptance rate and average claim time are two of the best in the industry?


So, when we say we promise to be here for your members when they need us the most, we mean it.

Our solid claims foundation, built over our 140-year history, delivers on this promise through dedicated expert care – we actively support the health and wellbeing of our members and their families throughout their claim.

People choose us because our dedicated Group Claims team is empowered and has the experience, training, and qualifications to make the right decisions in a timely, consistent, professional, and empathetic manner. And we work tirelessly to exceed the standard timelines outlined in the Life Code of Practice.


Our claims philosophy explained



Making a claim comes at a challenging time for your members and their families. Our personalised, caring response helps them navigate the process with ease.

Being ‘here for you’ is at the core of our claims philosophy. We get the basics right by understanding your individual members and supporting them with speed, transparency, and efficiency when they need us most.

We aim to provide unexpected delight and ‘wow’ members with our seamless digital experience and award-winning Vivo health and wellness program.

Our Group Claims team will work in partnership with you to develop a joint claims approach that aligns with your fund’s values and puts the member’s best interests first.

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Members can use the claims channel they prefer



We make it easy for your members to lodge and follow the status of their claim.

They can submit their claim;

  1. online via our market-leading digital claims platform - LifeView;
  2. over the phone; or
  3. by standard paper form.

They can also easily switch between channels for a seamless experience.

LifeView, our digital platform, lets your members complete their claim lodgement at their own pace, in their own time. They simply answer a questionnaire which is customised to their situation and upload any supporting documents.

Your members can also access comprehensive health and wellness services and request additional customer support online.

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AI-enhanced claims experience for your members

We use the latest in AI technology to improve the claims experience for your members.

Predictive analytics and real-time insights from incoming calls and emails helps us to quickly identify vulnerable individuals who would benefit from early intervention and individualised support. This means your members get the right assistance at the right time.

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Supporting Trustees with claims performance

We assist our fund partners with regulatory oversight, and support funds to deliver insurance in super with strong member outcomes, including in the management of claims.

We use a robust Trustee oversight model that engages and communicates with Trustees. We hold regular Trustee and insurer claim meetings, Claims Review meetings, provide Performance and Service Review reports, online reporting dashboards and Quarterly Strategic Reviews.

MLC Life Insurance also works with Trustees to improve claims performance, an approach that has successfully prevented any disputes arising from death claims.



The Vivo difference

Vivo is our award-winning health, wellness and recovery program, available to your fund members at no extra cost whether they’re on claim or not.

It’s our way to help your members live a healthier life, and to recover and return to work more quickly if they do make a claim.

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We understand that every member’s journey with adversity is unique to them. Our personalised approach to managing your member’s experience is what sets MLC Life Insurance claims apart from the rest. When it matters most, we are here for you.