Accidental Death

Dying from an accident is something no one wants to plan for, but what would happen to your family's financial security if the worst was to happen? 

Young girl and parents

What is Accidental Death insurance?

Accidental Death insurance pays a one-off payment if you die due to an accident and your death occurs within 180 days of the accident.

Key features
  • A one-off payment when you die due to an accident
  • If we have paid a one-off payment of $100,000 or more, we’ll reimburse the person you have nominated up to $5,000 for the cost of a financial plan from a qualified adviser
Product overview

MLC Accidental Death insurance is closed to new customers. Existing policy holders can still alter their Accidental Death benefit sum insured and move ownership of their policy from a superannuation to a non-superannuation structure. 

Please speak with your financial adviser to learn more.  

Additional Options
No additional options for this insurance. 

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