New ways of working

As we adjust to new ways of working, setting up your practice to run efficiently in a virtual environment is important. By doing so, you can make your practice sustainable in the long term, as well as save on costs.

Below are some helpful guides, tips and checklists to assist advisers when working from home.

Creating a schedule

It can be challenging to establish a set schedule when you're working from home.

In a typical work day you would commute to work, have meetings, meet clients, go for breaks, have multiple distractions and multiple people interactions. For anyone working remotely this will all change significantly, so it is important to develop a schedule that works for you and your personal circumstances.

See a sample work schedule to get you started, and then create your own schedule for yourself, and potentially to share with others.

Download the template

Tips for you and your team to be productive, motivated and connected

What you can do to ensure you’re a productive remote worker and what you can do as a team to be productive, motivated and connected.

Six things to help you stay more productive

What you can do as a people leader to keep your team productive and well