Virtual client engagement

Engagement and communication are important elements to building, nurturing and managing relationships with your clients. And advisers who offer more than five communication channels have client satisfaction rates of 91% compared to 69%, for advisers who offer only one channel. With 84% of Australians accessing the internet every day, it’s only natural that many of these channels will be online.

Whether it’s through virtual meetings, social media or video - we explore some of the solutions that can help you do business and further engage clients with technology.

Digital Signatures

We can accept digital signatures via the following means :

  • Using digital signature technology such as DocuSign
  • Applying an image of the customer’s signature
  • Scanned copy of the customer’s ‘wet ink’ signature.

These forms of signature can be accepted across our New Business, Underwriting and Inforce requests for Retail Insurance policies.

For documents that require witnessing such as Beneficiary Nomination form, Memorandum of Transfers, Power of Attorney requests, Statutory Declarations and Certified ID however, we are unable support digital forms of signature.

Contact your Distribution representative should you wish to discuss digital signatures further.

Accepting Digital Signatures

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