Our claims philosophy

Our claims history reflects how serious we are about supporting our customers through their time of need.

Delivering on our claims process

We’re always there for our customers at claim time and recognise that every customer has a genuine need. It’s our culture to assess claims quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Our team of claims assessors and support staff have the right skills to support each client with integrity, fairness and compassion.

  • Pay and finalise - Our approach means claims are paid quickly and with a minimum fuss wherever possible.
  • Case Management team - Focuses on a case management strategy that has your client's best interest at heart and may include supporting them to return to work.

Claims paid

We’re committed to value – that’s why we’re one of Australia’s leading claims payers. For the 12 months leading up to September 2016, we paid $898.1m total in claims. We paid:

  • over $450m in Life and TPD claims 
  • over $220m in Income Protection claims
  • over $121m in Critical Illness claims 

Critical Illness claims

Our Critical Illness claims reflect our commitment to helping your clients manage the financial consequence of taking time off work while they recover.

Critical Illness claims breakdown

critical illness claims breakdown

Breakdown of cancer claims

breakdown of cancer claims

Capital position

As a life insurer, we are required to hold extra capital to ensure we are well equipped to pay claims now and in the future. Further, APRA Prudential Statement LPS110 Capital Adequacy requires life insurers to publish, at least annually, their capital adequacy position. To find out about our capital adequacy position, please read or download our Capital Adequacy Disclosure document.