Our claims philosophy

We’re serious about supporting our customers through their time of need, and our claims history shows that.

Delivering on our claims process

We’re always here for our customers at claim time and we recognise that every customer has a genuine need. Our team of claims assessors and support staff approach clients with integrity, fairness and compassion.

We strive to make the right decisions in a timely, consistent, professional and empathetic way.

Our Case Consultants are encouraged and empowered to tailor their assessment approach to the needs of the customer.

Dedicated support in your client’s time of need can make all the difference. Watch Damien’s story to hear how we deliver our claims promise and the impact this can have on your clients’ lives.

Our Contemporary Claims Management Model

Our contemporary claims management model, and the team that uses it, aims to put the customer first. It was designed to reflect the most important values in our claims philosophy:

  1. Cross-functional claims teams – Our claims teams are set up to ensure better and faster customer outcomes. Each team has claims consultants, lead consultants and recovery specialists (rehabilitation consultants) to ensure they have the capability to holistically manage claims.
  2. End-to-end claims model – We support our customers with a focus on early intervention, functional capacity, holistic case management, return-to-work and ongoing support processes.
  3. Customer conversations – We focus on conversations with customers (telephone calls particularly) to understand them as individuals as best as we can. We minimise use of claims forms when it’s reasonable to do so.
  4. Case conferencing – Our Case Consultants and internal specialists regularly confer to provide evidence-based management solutions for each customer.
  5. Specialist care and customer support – We have structured our claims teams to be multidisciplinary in nature with a focus on supporting our customers’ individual needs. Our specialised teams in mental health and long-term care provide customers with appropriate support throughout their claims journey.
  6. ClaimVantage – We use an industry-leading cloud-based claim management system, ClaimVantage, that provides a single, streamlined view of the customer and their claim. This delivers an easier, faster claims experience for customers.


Life Insurance Code of Practice

As a signatory to the Life Insurance Code of Practice, MLC Life Insurance is bound by the obligations of the Code. Read More.

Capital position

As a life insurer, we’re required to hold extra capital to ensure that we’re well equipped to pay claims now and in the future. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) also requires life insurers to publish, at least annually, their capital adequacy position. To find out about our capital adequacy position, please read or download our Capital Adequacy Disclosure document.