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The Retail Insurance Technology Upgrade migrated our on-sale products to the new MLC Life Insurance technology environment so you can benefit from the new digital experience when writing new business and accessing existing policies for:

  • MLC Insurance (MLCi) – Policy no. starting with 9
  • MLC Insurance (Super) (MLCi(S)) – Policy no. starting with 9
  • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force since Feb 2002 – Policy no. starting with 8

We plan to complete transitioning our off-sale products from MLC Wealth legacy systems to MLC Life Insurance systems in 2021.

Until we complete the full transition, management and maintenance of customers and their policies will be shared with MLC Wealth.

To help us action your requests as quickly as possible, we ask that you match your request to the relevant email or physical mail addresses listed below.

If you’re unsure where to direct your request, please call us on 13 65 22, between 8.30am and 6pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) from Monday to Friday.

What do I want to do Who do I contact or where do I go?
Quote for insurance

Quote for new business via the Adviser Portal

Quotes for Alteration and replacement (outside current series)


To apply for insurance

Apply via the Adviser Portal

Call MLC Life Insurance on 13 65 22 or

Email applications to:

Commission enquiries

Call the MLC Life Insurance Adviser Servicing team on 13 65 22 or


Servicing needs:

Visit the Adviser Portal at any time to complete basic servicing of your and your clients’ needs, such as:

  • Updating your personal details (mobile number and email address)
  • Generating client lists
  • Downloading a Certificate of Currency
  • Accessing client correspondence

You can also call 13 65 22 or


Obtain a new Adviser code Register for an Adviser code
Enquire about a client policy Access the Adviser Portal or
Call MLC Life Insurance on 13 65 22
Connecting data feeds Access the Adviser Portal to establish data feeds or call 13 65 22
Adviser Portal Technical support Call 13 65 22
Claims enquiries

Call 13 65 22


Or write to PO Box 23314 Docklands VIC 3008

General enquiries

Call 13 65 22 


Or write to PO Box 23455 Docklands VIC 3008

Privacy enquiries


Write to MLC Life Insurance, Attention: Privacy Officer

PO Box 23455 Docklands VIC 3008


Call 13 65 25

International calls - dial +61 2 9121 6500 (charges apply)

Write to PO Box 23501 Docklands VIC 3008

Superannuation and investment products remain with MLC Wealth (Super & Investments). Please continue to contact them on 13 36 52 between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday for remuneration, onboarding and offboarding enquires for the following products:

  • Personal Protection Plan
  • Life Cover Super
  • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force prior to Feb 2002 - Policy no. starting with 5 or 7
  • MLC Whole Life
  • MLC Endowment
  • MLC Pure Endowment
  • MLC Maturity Growth Plan
  • MLC Easy Cover
  • MLC Simple Life Cover