Licensee FAQs - Technology Upgrade

Transitioning Products

  • Which products were transitioned in the technology upgrade?

    On-sale products and existing policies were the first to be transitioned to our new systems for:

    • MLC Insurance (MLCi) – Policy no. starting with 9
    • MLC Insurance (Super) (MLCi(S)) – Policy no. starting with 9
    • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force since Feb 2002 – Policy no. starting with 8
  • Why not transition all products at the same time?

    Transitioning on-sale products first, allows advisers to receive the benefits of the new digital experience with improved systems and processes quicker, while continuing to write new business.

    Older, off-sale products are more complex and reside in legacy systems which will take longer to transition. We expect off-sale products to transition some time in 2021.

  • What’s changed regarding the transitioned products?
    • Services - A dedicated MLC Life Insurance Adviser Services team will respond to licensee enquiries on 13 65 22.
    • Correspondence – Keep a lookout for fortnightly emails from for commission statements, commission files and RCTI’s starting 12 May.
  • Are MLC Life Insurance contact details changing
    Yes, email addresses and PO Boxes have changed but our phone number, 13 65 22, will remain the same. You can find these changes here.
  • Do I still need to contact MLC Wealth?

    Yes, superannuation and investment products remain with MLC Wealth’s (Super & Investments) Adviser Admin. Please continue to contact them on 13 36 52 between 8am and 7pm, Monday to Friday for remuneration, onboarding and offboarding enquires for the following products:

    • Personal Protection Plan
    • Life Cover Super
    • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force prior to Feb 2002 (Policy no. starting with 5 or 7)
    • MLC Whole Life
    • MLC Endowment
    • MLC Pure Endowment
    • MLC Maturity Growth Plan
    • MLC Easy Cover
    • MLC Simple Life Cover

Adviser Codes and Commissions

MLC Life Insurance Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

  • What is MLC Life Insurance doing to ensure it maintains service standards during these uncertain times with COVID-19?

    Through the establishment of our crisis management team and the activation of our pandemic risk management plan, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure key customer services, including the assessment and payment of claims, can continue to be delivered during this difficult time, while accepting some delays will be inevitable. We are also in regular communication with our own suppliers and are doing all we can to prevent critical services and infrastructure from being disrupted. 

    Importantly, we have reassured our customers that there are no specific exclusions for COVID-19 in our insurance policies that would affect the way we assess claims, and we have financial hardship measures in place to support customers who have trouble in paying premiums.

    MLC Life Insurance will continue to deliver on our promises to customers and partners through this challenging time.

    For customer FAQs regarding COVID-19 please visit For more information on our response to this pandemic, please read and share this article.