New for your clients

There are changes and benefits for your clients too

A new Customer Portal

We’re launching a new MLC Life Insurance Customer Portal for MLC Insurance, MLC Insurance (Super) policyholders and those with MLC Protectionfirst policies since February 2002.

The Customer Portal will give clients easy, quick and secure access to:

  • Update personal details including mobile phone, email and address details
  • View policy details
  • Update payment details
  • Add, edit or remove beneficiaries
  • Generate a Certificate of Currency
  • Download Income Protection Tax Statements from 30 June 2020
  • View all correspondence from 28 April 2020
  • View payment history for premiums paid after 28 April 2020

Clients will continue to use MemberOnline for their super and investment policies as they do today at

They can contact us with their questions on 13 65 25 8.30am to 6pm (Melbourne/Sydney time) Monday to Friday or contact us.

A new Customer Number

From 28 April there will be a new Customer Number for MLC Life Insurance customers with policies within these product suites:

  • MLC Insurance
  • MLC Insurance (Super)
  • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force since Feb 2002

We will send your clients an email containing their new Customer Number which will also be displayed on any correspondence for these products. The Customer Number will be different to their policy number and is a step towards us being able to provide them an aggregate view of policies held in the new Customer Portal. The new Customer Number will be their username when logging in to their new portal and will be used to help identify customers with these policies when they contact us.

All customers

Existing customers who currently use NAB’s MLC (Super & Investments) online portal

MLC Insurance or MLC Insurance (Super) customers who currently access their policy via NAB’s MLC (Super & Investments) online portal will be required to use their new Customer Number to login to the new MLC Life Insurance Customer Portal from 28 April 2020.

If these customers attempt to access their policies in NAB’s MLC online portal after 28 April, there will be a link to the new portal, as their policies will no longer be viewable within NAB’s MLC online portal.

Existing customers who will want to access the new Customer Portal

Existing MLC Insurance, MLC Insurance (Super) customers will receive an email with their new Customer Number in May 2020.

Existing customers with MLC Protectionfirst policies in-force since Feb 2002

This will be the first time these customers will have online access to their policies. We will also send them an email in May with their new Customer Number. 

If customers with the above policies do not receive an email in May and they would like access to their policies in the new Customer Portal, they can request their Customer Number by calling the MLC Life Insurance Customer Contact Centre on 13 65 25.

New customers

New customers from 28 April 2020 will receive their Customer Number and login details automatically as part of their welcome email/pack. 

Additional security

The new Customer Portal will include additional security keeping access and information for your clients safe. It will include a two-step verification process upon login sending a one-time password to their registered mobile number.  

More secure communication

Underwriting and claims correspondence will be issued to customers via email and will be password protected. An SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number containing the password to view the correspondence.

Your clients’ payment options are changing

Direct Debit updates – On 28 April our Direct Debit banking codes are changing. Your clients don’t need to do anything but may notice our new user ID on their bank statements. If your clients pay by Direct Debit, current payment arrangements won’t be affected by this change.

BPAY updates – From 28 April clients must refer to our new BPAY biller code and their new Reference Numbers displayed on payment notices to avoid payment rejection. If they’ve recently received a payment notice, they can continue to use the displayed BPAY biller code and Reference Number. In May, we’ll notify impacted clients of payment changes. Those who access MemberOnline will also receive their new login details and information about the new Customer Portal functionality.