Tools for business efficiency

Partnering with MLC Life Insurance gives you access to a range of online quoting and application tools, making the application process for MLC Insurance and MLC Insurance (Super) fast and efficient.

Riskfirst is our online application tool, it gives you: 

  • online acceptance and delivery of your application
  • automated email notifications
  • flexibility to choose the application method that best meets individual needs 
  • the ability to provide secure access to your clients so that they can complete their own personal statement
  • an immediate issuing of policies, resulting in faster remuneration.

Illustrator is our quoting tool. It helps you to structure policies, premiums and how you receive your remuneration. Illustrator gives you access to the Detailed Quote, Quick Quote and Visualiser tools.

Detailed Quote lets you:

  • set up and structure life insurance applications from scratch 
  • customise life insurance solutions for your clients.

Quick Quote gives you:

  • simplified and streamlined quoting
  • efficiency and reduced time to quote
  • a suggested recommendation based on optimal cover and pricing for your clients.

Visualiser helps you demonstrate to your clients:

  • policy structures, including extensions and connected benefits
  • key aspects of the benefits to be paid out in a claim scenario, including the eligible benefit types, amounts and time period of the benefits paid
  • the impact on each type or level of cover after a benefit is paid
  • the effects of buy backs and reinstatements.

Underwriting Enhancements

MLC Life Insurance is investing in insurance innovation to drive greater efficiencies in your business and help get your clients cover in place quicker than ever before.  

As part of our Underwriting Modernisation Program we have embarked on a new era of underwriting delivering a Digital Underwriting Platform which streamlines the underwriting process creating an improved user experience and certainty of outcome with our integrated pre-assessment feature. 

Digital Underwriting Platform

The platform features:

  • Over 6,000 medical conditions, occupations and pursuits.
  • A self-serve integrated pre-assessment tool, with indicative underwriting decisions in as little as five minutes.
  • Reduced paperwork and need for manual follow up.
  • Responsive technology, making it available on mobile devices.
  • Dynamic personal statement that asks smarter more appropriate questions.
If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your MLC Life Insurance Business Development Manager or Business Development Consultant.