Superannuation funds

Partnering with MLC Group Insurance means having a transparent and committed partner. Our flexible and innovative Group Insurance solutions are tailored to suit the needs of your members.

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Strength and security

MLC Life Insurance has been providing insurance to Australians for 130 years. Our experience ensures that your members are in safe and trusted hands. Being a part of the Nippon Life Insurance Group provides MLC Life Insurance with the strength of one the largest insurers in the world – so you can be certain of our commitment to both you and your members.

Market leading Group Insurance solutions

We pride ourselves in offering flexible and innovative Group Insurance solutions to our superannuation fund partners.  Through an MLC Group Insurance policy you can cover your members for:

  • Life Cover
  • Life and Total and Permanent Disability insurance
  • Income Protection cover through MLC Group Salary Continuance insurance

We work with our superannuation fund partners to tailor cover to suit the needs of your members. We know providing protection for when things go wrong, and that taking care of your members and their families, is one of the greatest benefits you can offer as a super fund.

An extension of your business

At MLC Life Insurance we’re committed to collaborating and forming strong partnerships that benefit both you and your members. We’re here to support our partners in meeting their strategic goals and delivering the best possible experience for their members.

An agile and innovative partner

Spearheaded by a $400 million technology investment, we’re improving the insurance and claims experience for you and your members.

With the launch of our LifeView platform, we’re transforming typical insurance interactions into a seamless digital experience for members, Trustees and Administrators.

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A sustainable and supportive claims approach

Our aim is to make the claims process with MLC Life Insurance as easy and supportive as possible. We’re committed to not only meeting your members’ insurance needs but also to helping your members achieve more positive health outcomes. Our team of claim assessors guide and support you and your members through all stages of the claims experience. Our rehabilitation consultants and allied health professionals will work with your members to help them get back to work.

It’s our culture to assess claims quickly and support each member with integrity, fairness, and compassion.

Download the Group Insurance - 2019 Claims snapshot 

Caring for your members

Our award-winning Pre-Claim Early Engagement Service reflects our commitment to helping people return to better health and wellbeing, whilst still within their waiting period following an illness or injury. It helps protect both employees and employers from the effects of complex injury or illness cases.

Value beyond making a claim

We’re investing in the health of your members and their families by giving them access to the Best Doctors services. Through Best Doctors, your members and their families can seek advice or a second medical opinion from a global network of medical specialists nominated as leading experts by their peers. This service offers members and their families’ reassurance and a clear way forward when dealing with an illness, injury or condition, and allows your fund to provide tangible value to members, even when they’re not retiring or claiming.