Freddy's Story


Freddy, age 7

Freddy was due to have invasive neurosurgery but his parents were unsure if they were doing the right thing.


There are no words to express the relief that comes with knowing that rather than being in hospital, your son will be going to birthday  parties and playing soccer.   
Freddy's mum, Alison


1. Medical concern and doubt

A MRI checkup on Freddy's lazy eye showed cysts in his spinal cord and brain, and abnormal fusion of his skull bones. The doctor recommended surgery and his parents were worried as he had other symptoms.

2. Best Doctors in-depth review

Freddy's parents reach out to Best Doctors second opinion service which they had access through their MLC Life Insurance policy

His case was reviewed by a paediatric neurological surgeon at Harvard Medical School.

3. A welcome discovery

In his report, the Best Doctors specialist confirmed an abnormality, but he had never operated on patients with this condition unless they had symptoms that warranted it.

The report gave explanations for the cysts, and found no strong evidence of any abnormal fusion of Freddy's skull bones

4. Less invasive treatment

The specialist recommend Freddy have annual MRIs and neurological assessments to monitor any changes but no surgery. Freddy's parents shared the report with the treating surgeon, who promptly cancelled surgery.

5. Back to enjoying life as usual

The family is thrilled to be back to life as usual, relieved that Freddy has been spared the pain and emotional stress of a complicated and unnecessary operation.


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