Sandra's Story

Best Doctors Sandra

Sandra, age 42

Sandra was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and treatment was making her worse.


As soon as I read the Best Doctors report everything just made sense. I knew I didn't have MS as I had no other symptoms.   
Sandra, MLC Life Insurance Customer

1. Medical concern and doubt

Following a CT scan for a dull pain in Sandra's right ear, she was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS treatment made Sandra feel worse than before and unable to work.

2. Best Doctors In-Depth Review

Sandra had access to Best Doctors through her MLC Life Insurance policy. Struggling to function, she reached out to them for help.

Best Doctors collected her medical records and test results and selected a leading neurology expert to review her case.

3. A welcome discovery

The expert report suggested a diagnosis of two separate conditions: Radiologically Isolated Syndrome (RIS) and Chronic Intractable Headaches - not MS.

4 A new treatment plan

Sandra's recommended treatment plan changed dramatically, focusing on lifestyle changes including cutting down on caffeine, reducing stress and getting enough sleep. As patients with RIS are at risk of developing MS in the future, annual MRIs were also recommended to monitor symptoms.

5. Back to work and a normal life

Sandra shared the Best Doctors report with her treating doctors who agreed with the recommendations.

The new treatment caused Sandra's headaches to cease and she has now happily returned to work and normal life.


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