MLC Life Insurance Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers | MLC Life Insurance
Media release

06 April 2020

MLC Life Insurance Commitment to Frontline Healthcare Workers

MLC Life Insurance is reaffirming its support for healthcare workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, by signing an industry-wide commitment that ensures that new customers (who are healthcare workers) are not prevented from obtaining life insurance cover purely through exposure, or potential exposure, to coronavirus.

All existing customers, including frontline healthcare workers, continue to be covered as normal. There are no exclusions for COVID-19 in any MLC Life Insurance policies that would impact on how claims are assessed.

Developed in partnership with the life insurance industry and the Financial Services Council (FSC), the Commitment ensures that for frontline healthcare workers applying for life insurance, exposure or potential exposure to coronavirus will not of itself be used to: 

  • decline an application for cover, or 
  • charge a higher premium, or 
  • apply a COVID-19 pandemic risk exclusion to any of the benefits offered. 

Importantly, the Commitment covers not just hospital staff, including ambulance workers and para-medics but also those who may also potentially be exposed to COVID-19 such as police, pharmacists and residential aged care workers.

Sean McCormack, Acting Chief Executive Officer, MLC Life Insurance, said:

“MLC Life Insurance recognises that those most exposed to the risk of COVID-19 are our frontline healthcare workers. They are the heroes protecting our community. We want to reassure them and play our part by ensuring that life insurance is there for them, if they need it. We are pleased to have played our part with our FSC counterparts in developing and signing the Commitment.

“Importantly, we want to reiterate that there are no exclusions for COVID-19 in any of our policies that would affect the way we assess claims. All healthcare workers, just like our other existing customers, are covered as normal.

“MLC Life Insurance intends to deliver on our promises to all our customers through this challenging time.”

Please note: this commitment is subject to authorisation by the ACCC.