Business Expenses

Running your own business comes with its own pressures – and covering certain business expenses if you’re unable to work doesn't have to be one of them.

Cafe owners

What is Business Expenses insurance?

If you're self-employed or operate a small business, we’ll reimburse you for certain business expenses incurred while you’re Totally Disabled, up to your monthly benefit amount for up to 12 months.

If there’s more than one owner of the business, you’ll receive your share of the covered business expenses.

Key features
  • Receive a monthly benefit for up to a year for certain business expenses incurred while you’re Totally Disabled.
  • Choose a Waiting Period of 14 or 30 days.
  • Premiums are automatically waived while you’re receiving benefits.
  • Recurring disability benefit continues a previous claim with no new waiting periods if the same disability recurs.
  • Death benefit of up to $30,000 should you die while you hold this cover.
Product overview

How much insurance can you apply for?

You can apply for Business Expenses insurance up to $60,000 per month.

What is a business expense? 

The covered expenses are the reasonable and regular normal operating expenses of the business you own and manage, including:

  • rent or mortgage payments
  • property levies, rates and taxes
  • equipment or vehicle lease costs
  • electricity, heating and water costs
  • cleaning and laundry costs
  • depreciation on office equipment and premises that the business owns
  • salaries of employees not generating business income
  • costs of accounting services
  • fees for memberships of professional associations
  • business insurance premiums
  • net cost of a locum (a person engaged to work in your business as a direct replacement for you).

Stepped premiums

We calculate your stepped premiums on each Review Date based on your age and the applicable premium rate at that time. Stepped premiums will usually increase each year as you get older, and also if you increase your sum insured or because of Inflation Proofing increases (if applicable). 

Funding options

Business Expenses insurance is available outside super only.

Additional options

You can apply for the following option at an additional cost:

Business Expenses with Platinum option:


f you’re entitled to a Partial Disability benefit, you'll receive a proportion of the monthly benefit if you become Partially Disabled.

Do you need Business Expenses insurance?

You may want to consider Business Expenses insurance if you:

  • have a business or are self-employed.

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