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Media release

28 August 2017

MLC Life Insurance expands Best Doctors to better support customers through illness and injury

MLC Life Insurance will expand its unique Best Doctors service from 1 October 2017, resulting in around 800,000 customers being able to access the service, to better support customers through illness, injury and recovery.

Best Doctors currently provides nearly 600,000 MLC Life Insurance customers1 and their families - including their children, parents, partner and partner’s parents - with access to medical advice and second opinions from a global network of over 50,000 medical specialists at no additional cost, whether they make a claim or not. 

From 1 October 2017, the service will expand to more customers including those who hold an MLC Insurance, MLC Insurance (Super), MLC ProtectionFirst, MLC Personal Protection Portfolio or MLC Life Cover Super product. 

Best Doctors is a global service that connects customers and their families with leading medical experts around the world to receive a second, expert opinion on a diagnosis or treatment plan. Customers can also use Best Doctors to identify a specialist in their local area, or submit their medical questions online to a panel of leading Australian GPs.

Melissa Heyhoe, Chief Customer Officer of Retail Advised Insurance at MLC Life Insurance, says the expansion of Best Doctors will ensure customers are provided with even more value from their insurance policy throughout the life of the policy.

“At MLC Life Insurance, we’re committed to better supporting our customers when they have an illness or injury; from initial diagnosis through to their recovery process, so they can return to full health. 

“Customers can easily obtain medical advice from leading experts in the field without the need to leave their home – all interactions with Best Doctors are possible over the phone. Best Doctors can also be used without making a claim, and customers and their families can access the service an unlimited number of times. 

“We’re pleased to be able to expand the Best Doctors service to more customers. It means we’re able to help them connect with an expert who can review their case, diagnosis and treatment options at no additional cost – providing them with full confidence and clarity,” said Ms Heyhoe. 

“With 10 per cent of cases in Australia being misdiagnosed and increasing levels of unnecessary and ineffective treatment, having easy access to a second opinion from a top international expert is incredibly important2,” said Peter McClennen, Chief Executive Officer at Best Doctors. 

MLC Life Insurance has partnered with Best Doctors to provide its customers with access to medical opinions and other services since 2009. 

Nearly 27 per cent of MLC Life Insurance customers accessing the service for a second opinion have been recommended a change in treatment.3 Best Doctors customers have saved an average of $6,930 per person in medical costs and reduces recovery time on average by seven and a half weeks.4 

“It’s important that we’re able to support customers to improve their overall health outcomes, rather than simply at the time of a claim. Our partnership with Best Doctors aims to ultimately help our customers achieve the best outcomes for their long-term wellbeing,” said Ms Heyhoe. 

For more information on MLC Life Insurance’s partnership with Best Doctors, visit MLC Life Insurance’s website

1The Best Doctors service is currently available through the following products:

MLC Insurance – Critical Illness, MLC Personal Protection Portfolio – Critical Illness, Protectionfirst – Critical Illness (for policy numbers that begin with 8), MLC Term Insurance, NAB Essential range and NAB Consumer Credit products. Best Doctors is also included as standard for MLC Group Salary Continuance cover, including cover provided by employers and superfunds, including MLC MasterKey Business Super, MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals and Plum Super – (for members with Group Salary Continuance).

2Reporting conducted by Best Doctors, January 2017.

3 Reporting conducted by Best Doctors, January 2017.

4Impact analysis conducted by Best Doctors, June 2015.