MLC Life Insurance launches new cancer screening support | MLC Life Insurance
Media release

02 November 2023

MLC Life Insurance launches new cancer screening support

MLC Life Insurance has announced a new addition to its award-winning Vivo program, the Aware questionnaire by Osara Health. This revolutionary 2-minute questionnaire is designed to encourage cancer screening and empower individuals to take control of their health, saving lives one screening at a time.

1 in 2 Australians are not meeting recommended cancer screening guidelines1, and MLC Life Insurance is committed to changing this statistic by giving access to the Aware questionnaire.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the total customer experience,” said Andrew Beevors, Chief Claims Officer for MLC Life Insurance, “and that’s why we’re proud to deliver this extra support, complementing our award-winning Vivo program and helping bridge the gap between awareness and action when it comes to cancer screening.”

“Developed by a team of doctors, coaches, and researchers to provide a personalised approach to cancer prevention and early detection, this cancer screening questionnaire is a quick and user-friendly tool that offers valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help customers access screening services and reduce their cancer risk.”

MLC Life Insurance has made the Aware questionnaire available through Vivo to enable customers to take proactive steps towards cancer prevention and early detection, partnering with Osara Health who share the business’s commitment to improving public health and preventing cancer.

“The Aware questionnaire represents Osara’s dedication to making healthcare more accessible, personalised, and actionable,” said Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh, Founder and CEO of Osara Health. “The mission is to empower people with the knowledge and resources they need to prioritise their health, and the Aware questionnaire is a pivotal step towards achieving this goal.”

Taking the questionnaire is quick and simple, requiring only two minutes of a customer’s time. When finished, they receive personalised results and recommendations tailored to their unique health profile. If the questionnaire results suggest eligibility for cancer screening, customers will be seamlessly guided through the process of scheduling a free consultation with an Osara Health GP.

“We’re focused on delivering an industry-leading customer experience because we know how important our promise for life is to our customers, often at the most challenging times,” said Andrew Beevors. “Our ‘here for you’ philosophy means offering a personalised, caring and supportive response.”

MLC Life Insurance is committed to promoting cancer prevention and early detection to ensure a healthier and happier future for all Australians. Also available through Vivo is the Cancer Coach program, designed to provide the right support, guidance and care to eligible customers experiencing a cancer diagnosis.