MLC Life Insurance named Employer of Choice for Gender Equality | MLC Life Insurance
Media release

25 February 2019

MLC Life Insurance named Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

WGEAMLC Life Insurance is honoured to be awarded the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) Employer of Choice citation for gender equality. 

MLC Life Insurance is one of 140 organisations across Australia to receive the citation, which is awarded to organisations that meet rigorous standards in workplace gender equality. 

David Hackett, CEO, MLC Life Insurance said: 

“I’m proud that MLC Life Insurance has been awarded the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality Citation.  As a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, I personally believe in creating equity in our society. This citation is a significant achievement and demonstrates our organisation’s commitment to gender equality and inclusion.”

Mr Hackett said the citation is a great acknowledgement of the progress being made, as the life insurer continues to cultivate an ethical culture of customer empathy.

“MLC Life Insurance’s diversity helps us to attract and support people who understand the needs of our customers. Our aspiration is for every employee, to bring their whole selves to work so that we can embrace diverse perspectives and improve our employee and customer experience,” said Mr Hackett.

“We’re the custodians of a 133 year old Australian icon, so I see us having an extra responsibility to advance workplace gender equality for our current and future customers, employees and industry. 

“MLC Life Insurance has also been a member of the Nippon Life Group of Companies since 2016 and during this time we have exchanged ideas and initiatives on diversity and inclusion. Nippon Life is looking closely at our diversity initiatives and how this can contribute to other companies in the Nippon group worldwide.”

This accolade recognises the commitment of MLC Life Insurance to enhance gender equality through initiatives that include:

• Fostering a culture of flexible working, including flexible working options and primary carer’s leave available for all employees.

• Training and policies in place for all MLC Life Insurance employees.

• Running an annual pay gap analysis.

• Supporting parents and working families, with parental leave is available to both males and females.

• Having a domestic violence policy and support initiatives.

• Establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Council to listen to employees, improve the gender balance, deliver responsive programs and drive progress.

“Through programs such as these we are dedicated to building a supportive environment for MLC Life Insurance employees,” said Mr Hackett. 

“Embracing workplace gender equality means different things for different organisations. Every employer committed to gender equality embarks upon their own unique journey towards achieving the equal participation by women and men in their workplace. The WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation provides a rigorous and sophisticated roadmap to guide employers along the path,” said WGEA Director Libby Lyons.

“We have awarded a record 140 EOCGE citations this year. All of our 2018-19 EOCGE citation holders are at different stages of their gender equality journey. What unites them is their determination and commitment to achieving workplace gender equality. I congratulate all of these organisations for being agents of change, leading the way forward for other Australian employers to follow.”