MLC Life Insurance Office Move Prioritises Sustainability | MLC Life Insurance
Media release

12 July 2023

MLC Life Insurance office move prioritises sustainability

MLC Life Insurance new Sydney offices

MLC Life Insurance has shifted its Sydney office as it continues its ambition to sustainably operate for people, planet and the economy.

“Embedding sustainability across the business goes to the core of our Promise for Life”, says Jane Murray, Chief Operating and People Officer for MLC Life Insurance, “and our commitment to sustainable practices means we’re not just meeting standards set globally for companies like ours on critical issues like climate change, but we’re also supporting a higher and more sustainable quality of life for our community.”

MLC Life Insurance’s new Sydney office at 177 Pacific has a 6-star NABERS energy rating with low-temperature Variable Air Volume (VAV), rainwater recycling and low embodied energy in materials, and the move itself was done with sustainability top-of-mind.

“We’re committed to reducing our emissions and reaching Net Zero by 2050,” says Jane Murray, “and we’ve already transitioned half of the energy across our Melbourne and Sydney offices to GreenPower from renewable sources.”

“In moving to this more sustainable office, we’ve worked with our design and delivery team to reuse 100% of the lockers, meeting room tables and focus pods from our former site, saving them from landfill and instead having them refurbished or reupholstered.”

MLC Life Insurance also reused 90% of the existing carpet, 95% of the existing ceilings, and more than 60% of the existing workstations. All new materials for the fit-out are low VOC, contributing to good indoor air quality, and all new furniture and fittings are responsibly sourced.

“We know our customers and partners want us to be operating in a way that is sustainable for our people and our planet,” says Jane Murray, “and that is at the heart of this move and our broader sustainability commitments.”