Switching jobs? Here's your job switch checklist

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19 February 2019

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Congratulations! You’ve got a new job. Just make sure you remember these 9 things on your way out of your old one…

1. Let your contacts know you’re on the move

If appropriate, send an email to your contacts - include personal contact details and a fond farewell, regardless of what you really think. You never know when your paths will cross and it’s good to keep the door open.

2. Give your company equipment the once over

Your computer and phone are likely to be full of personal details, credit card numbers, passwords and logins. It’s a good idea to delete, delete, delete.

3. Compare your income protection and life insurance policies

A change in employment and salary is a good time to review your income protection and life insurance policies, to ensure the benefits you’d receive if you need to claim reflect your change in income and new situation.

4. Car leasing

Have a car lease wrapped in with your salary? Contact the lender and, if possible, have it transferred to your new employer. 

5. Update your super fund

Take your super details with you or, if you plan on moving to your new employer’s super fund, consider transferring your insurance to maintain cover levels. If you’re staying with your super fund, you may want to review your current cover based on your new circumstances and change in salary. If you’re salary self-sacrificing at present, remember to instruct your new employer to continue your current arrangement.

6. Update shipping addresses

If you’ve used your work address to receive your most recent spur-of-the-moment online purchase, remember to update your shipping details before you accidentally send your next package to your old workplace.

7. Give your resume a refresh

It might seem like an odd time to do it, but in reality it’s the perfect time. Your most recent role and responsibilities are fresh in your mind – write them down before you forget.

8. Update LinkedIn

Now’s the perfect time to ask for LinkedIn recommendations from people you’ve worked for and with in your previous role, as well as letting the world know you’re on the move.

9. Go out with a smile

Regardless of circumstance, leave a good impression when you leave. Smile, and thank the right people. If your ex-workmates decide to farewell you in style, go along with it and enjoy.


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