MLC Life Insurance launches Vivo health, wellness and recovery service | MLC Life Insurance
Media release

16 August 2022

MLC Life Insurance launches Vivo health, wellness and recovery service

MLC Life Insurance has launched its Vivo health, wellness and recovery service, designed to provide support to customers wanting to improve health and wellbeing throughout all their life stages.

With a strong focus on wellness and recovery, Vivo brings together all the support provided to customers insured by MLC Life Insurance under one brand, fully accessible online and offered at no additional cost.

Retail customers across all our products can access Vivo services now, while fund members will get access over the second half of 2022.

Andrew Beevors, Chief Claims Officer, MLC Life Insurance, says that offering more support to customers irrespective of whether they claim reinforces the value of life insurance protection every day. 

“Most customers will never claim on their policy but will have moments in their lives where they need additional health and wellbeing support. Through Vivo, we provide one place to access everything under one proposition, from fitness consultations through to a second opinion on a medical condition from a team of experts. 

“For those who do need to claim, our team of recovery and rehabilitation experts can provide targeted support services specific to their circumstances. This is particularly helpful for people experiencing cancer, mental ill-health, and pain.”

Vivo offers access to the following services to customers: 

  • Support for mental health, cancer and pain (Vivo Specialist Care)
  • Assistance to get back on track after illness or injury (Vivo Recovery)
  • Help to improve wellness and overall health (Vivo Wellness); and
  • Access to medical resources (Vivo Health) 

Of the customers who accessed MLC Life Insurance’s support services over the last 12 months, 64% were able to return to work in some capacity, and a further 34% were able to return to full hours.

Andrew Beevors continued: 

“We see the impact that poor health and wellbeing has on our customers through the claims we manage. Our experience shows the quicker we can provide targeted interventions to improve their health, the faster they can return to work. 

“Overall, our purpose is to help customers better understand and manage their condition and ultimately have the confidence to return to optimal health. While we’re here to protect our customers financially, we also want to support their overall wellbeing and provide tangible solutions that make a difference. This is what Vivo delivers.” 

The announcement follows the launch of Vivo Incentive in June, which offers a discount on lump sum covers for new retail customers who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) within a specified range. 

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