We know you want the best for your clients. And while our insurance offers a safety net, no one wants to see their clients’ lives impacted by sickness or injury.

Meet Vivo

That’s where Vivo comes in, a health, wellness and recovery program that is as unique as your clients. From prevention to recovery, for both body and mind, Vivo provides care and support through life’s ups and downs.

Vivo unlocks the value of insurance, today

Whether your clients are looking to improve their overall health and wellness, dealing with a medical condition, or require recovery support, Vivo curates a tailored program by connecting them to services that may help. And they don’t always need to be on claim to access Vivo.

While the name may be new, Vivo brings together all of the world-class health, wellness and recovery services MLC Life Insurance provides customers under the one unique brand. With services available at no additional cost, it includes: 

  • Vivo Virtual Care – a suite of support services that eligible individuals can access today, without making a claim
  • two new Vivo Virtual Care services Nutrition and Fitness
  • support for mental health, cancer and pain (Vivo Specialist Care)
  • assistance to get back on track after illness or injury (Vivo Recovery)
  • help to improve wellness and overall health (Vivo Wellness), and
  • access to medical resources (Vivo Health)


Explore Vivo

Vivo makes all the difference

Complimentary for clients

With services available at no additional cost to those insured by MLC Life Insurance.

Flexible support options

Vivo has a comprehensive suite of products, programs and services to support your clients.

Individual support

We understand that no two people are the same, so our support is tailored to the individual and their health needs.

Vivo Incentive

A lifetime discount of 7.5% on insurance premiums. Vivo Incentive applies to those customers applying for new lump sum cover when their Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 28.5 (inclusive).

Health, wellness and recovery support has arrived

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