At MLC Life Insurance, we value our partnerships and are committed to working with and supporting your advisers.

We are continuously focused on improving our business efficiency, and processes. Our aim is to ensure your advisers can deliver the best possible experience for their clients.


MLC Life Insurance commission payments

It is important to note that our commission payment calendar will be changing as of 25 February 2021, in line with further policy transitions to our new technology system. 

Download the 2021 commission payment calendar


Licensee support team contact details 

To help us support you and your advisers, please contact the appropriate team using the relevant email addresses and contact numbers below.

  • Commission enquiries

    Retail Insurance

    For urgent commission enquiries, please contact the team via the phone number below

    Group Insurance

  • Licensee general enquires

    Retail Insurance 

    Group Insurance

  • New licensee setup

    To setup a new licensee with MLC Life Insurance, please complete the Application For Licensee Setup form and send it to for review and completion.

    As part of our Due Diligence process, a member of our Retail Distribution Governance Team will be in touch to discuss the details of the application.

  • New Adviser Code setup

    Advisers without an existing SB Adviser Code must register online.

    To help with the processing of the online registration form, please ensure the following:

    • The Authorised Representative Certificate is uploaded with the form
    • The mobile phone number of advisers is provided to ensure they can access the MLC Life Insurance Adviser Portal

    Please note: It is MLC Life Insurance's policy that advisers are authorised in both life insurance products and superannuation to receive an Adviser code. Codes will not be provided if advisers are not authorised in both areas.

    If the adviser has restrictions relating to SMSF, please confirm whether the licensee authorises them to provide insurance advice through SMSF.

  • Adviser and client transfer requests

    What to include in the transfer email request if an adviser is changing licensee:

    • Adviser and licensee contact details
    • Adviser/practice code (SB Number)
    • Release Letter
    • Appointment Certificate
    • Attach a document listing the licensee authorised signatories
    • When advisers transfer between licensees and all clients are transferred, depending on the circumstances, their Adviser Code (SB number) remains the same. If a new code is required, please include in the email request as well and this can be done together with the transfer
    • If a book of business is being transferred to a new adviser, please advise if the original adviser has ceased and the code should be closed upon successful transfer.
    • If the licensee wishes to remove servicing adviser from a group of clients, a letter from the licensee is required requesting removal of the adviser from all policies and to cease any remuneration going forward. Please note, if we are not advised of the new servicing adviser, policies will be classed as orphaned.

    Please note: it is MLC Life Insurance's policy to check the authorisation of advisers when policies/ clients/ books of business are requesting to be transferred. We are unable to process requests if advisers are not suitably authorised.

  • Policies MLC Life Insurance can help with
    • MLC Insurance – Policy no. starting with 9
    • MLC Insurance (Super) – Policy no. starting with 9
    • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force since Feb 2002 – Policy no. starting with 8

    Find out more on the two final runs of policy migration

  • MLC Wealth requests

    All requests for MLC Wealth need to be sent separately

    All commission enquiries, Adviser Code and transfer requests relating to the below products must be directed to MLC Wealth. MLC Wealth have their own processes and documentation requirements and it's best to contact them first to confirm what’s required.

    • MLC Personal Protection Portfolio
    • MLC Life Cover Super
    • MLC Protectionfirst, in-force prior to Feb 2002 – Policy no. starting with 5 or 7
    • MLC Whole Life
    • MLC Endowment
    • MLC Pure Endowment
    • MLC Maturity Growth Plan
    • MLC Easy Cover
    • MLC Simple Life Cover

    Policy information for these products can be viewed on

General contacts