Adam's Story


Adam, age 27

Adam was diagnosed with eccrine porocarcinoma, an aggressive and rare skin tumor and was unsure about the treatment.


There was one stage when I was first diagnosed when I really felt scared. Life is fantastic now, It's great to know that I now get to watch my baby daughter grow up. Best Doctors really cared and did so much to help me through the whole process.
Adam, MLC Life Insurance Customer

1. Medical concern and doubt

Scheduled for surgery, Adam could find very little information about his condition and felt scared about his diagnosis.

2. Best Doctors ask the expert service

Feeling unsure about the operation and desperate to know more about his condition he reached out to Best Doctors - a service he had access to through his MLC Life Insurance policy - and was assigned an expert in his field to review his medical condition.

3. A welcome discovery

A leading dermatologist reviewed Adam's case, confirmed that his skin cancer was rare and agreed surgery was an essential next step, giving Adam real piece of mind.

The specialist also provided useful about Adam's condition.

4. A different operation

The Best Doctors report led to his treating doctors deciding on a less invasive surgery.

After surgery, Best Doctors carried out a comprehensive review of further testing to help confirm that the tumor was completely removed.

5. Back to a happy busy life

Adam is back to his busy life as a healthy father of a baby girl.


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