Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors

Expert mental health guidance that could change your life

If you or someone in your family is struggling, MLC Life Insurance offers policy holders and their immediate family members access to the confidential Mental Health Navigator service.

As part of Best Doctors, Mental Health Navigator offers quick, virtual access to a network of leading clinical psychologists and psychiatrists in Australia. They can give you an expert assessment of your mental health condition and a tailored treatment plan to help get you on the right path. You’ll also have a dedicated mental health nurse to support you and your treating doctor when addressing your condition and putting the treatment plan into action.

MLC Life Insurance customers and their family can contact Mental Health Navigator by Best Doctors if someone:

  • doesn’t feel like their normal self
  • hasn’t received a formal diagnosis and needs support
  • is not improving after a diagnosis or treatment
  • is not sure their diagnosis or treatment plan is correct
  • wants assurance on their next step
  • wants help navigating the mental health system.

The service is at no extra cost and is completely confidential.

Nadia's Story

After experiencing low moods, poor sleep for two years and needing to regularly take time off work, Nadia accessed Mental Health Navigator.

Following a tele-health assessment, Nadia was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. Nadia’s symptoms reduced dramatically since starting her treatment recommended by Best Doctors and she’s back at work full time.

I accessed Mental Health Navigator through my insurance with MLC Life Insurance. Everything was so prompt. The best thing is the fact that they made me feel comfortable. I started to go out more spend time with family and friends 
Nadia, MLC Life Insurance customer


Thorough, simple and virtual - how Mental Health Navigator works

1. Intake

When you contact Best Doctors, they’ll connect you with a dedicated mental health nurse for an initial assessment. With your consent, Best Doctors will also gather any relevant medical records for review.

2. Review

The nurse will arrange an expert telehealth assessment of your mental health diagnosis and treatment plan with a leading Australian clinical psychologist and/or psychiatrist, as required.

3. Report & support

Best Doctors then gives you a customised report, detailing the review of your diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. You also receive ongoing support from a mental health nurse to help you and your treating doctor put a treatment plan into action.

How to access Best Doctors services including Mental Health Navigator

Login or call Best Doctors Hotline on 1800 186 088 between 9am and 5pm (Melbourne/Sydney time), Monday to Friday.

Who has access to Best Doctors?

Visit our Best Doctors page to find out who has access.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions about Best Doctors view the Best Doctors FAQs.

Mental Health Consumer


MLC Life Insurance was the winner of the Strategic Insights Overall Health & Wellness Life Insurance Award for 2018 and 2019. MLC Life Insurance was recognised for our innovative programmes that beneficially impact on the health and wellness of our customers.


Important information

Best Doctors is available to eligible MLC Life Insurance’s customers as well as their immediate families including children, parents, partner and partner’s parents. For mental health, it is only available if you are 18 years of age or over.

Best Doctors services are not available for acute care (emergency room) cases or dental conditions.

Best Doctors and MLC Limited do not pay the costs for medical treatment, travel, accommodation and any other associated costs.

Best Doctors® isn’t insurance (including health insurance) and it doesn’t replace your relationship with your current doctor or medical specialist. MLC Limited reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time or to change the terms on which the service is provided to customers. If your insurance is held within the MLC Super Fund, the Trustee also reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time.