Changes to the programs you may be familiar with

We’ve recently launched Vivo, a new health, wellness, and recovery program – here to provide care and support through life’s journey.

It’s available at no additional cost to those insured by MLC Life Insurance or for members whose employer/super fund has a partnership with us.*

How did I get to this page?

As we roll out Vivo, references to our past health, wellness and recovery programs may still appear on our partner’s web pages or communications.

These past programs include:

  • MLC Enhance
  • MLC Recovery
  • MLC Assist
  • Best Doctors
  • Mental Health Navigator
  • CancerAid Coach

The good news is that all the services previously offered have now been integrated into our overall Vivo program. This makes it easier for all our customers to access the services they need in one place.

How do I find the support I need?

To get started with the right care through Vivo, all you need to do is head to

From there you can reach out to a Vivo specialist who can tailor support to meet your individual health and wellness needs. They’ll take the time to understand your goals before getting you started with the right care.

Explore Vivo

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* The services that are available for your access through Vivo depends on and may be limited by arrangements we have with the service providers we have partnered with and/or agreements we have entered with the owner of the policy (such as the trustee or employer for group insurance policies).